Hey guys, Happy Monday! You are a worthy, talented, capable, lovable person who should be proud of yourself. I see that, do you? Loving yourself is something we are always told to do. It is essential to our personal and emotional growth, to help achieve our dreams, being healthy and happy, and maintaining relationships. But […]

1. Drink petrol 2. Eat glass 3. Hug a shark 4. Rewrite every essay I’ve ever written on a typewriter 5. Spend all my wages on sprouts 6. Do the cinnamon challenge 7. Spend the afternoon with a clown 8. Read the dictionary 9. Be trapped in a tank of jellyfish 10. Create a pointless […]

Waking up on a Monday morning can be both daunting and dismal. A whole new week filled with working or studying. None stop for five whole days before those two days of freedom and tranquility, or boozing and partying (if you prefer), finally arrive. Monday’s aren’t all bad though. In fact, I happen to love […]

I hope you are all prepared for his cuteness. Here is my Dudley! ❤ He’s bloody beautiful isn’t he? Losing Beth was really hard on me, and whilst I will never try to replace her (not that anyone/thing could!!), there was something missing in my life. A hole only a dog could fill. I think […]

Well hello there. It is I, Sian. Do you remember me? I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t. I’ve been absent for so long. And I’ve hated every moment of it. But every time I turned on my laptop and logged into WordPress, I just hit a brick wall. My mind went blank and I’d […]

1. What will happen after graduation?  I will be lost, if I am honest. I really do not know what I will do after my graduation. My education safety net will be gone, and I will be out there in the world. There are so many things I want to do straight after my graduation, […]

The first step in getting better is to admit you have a problem. So there, I said it. I am depressed. I am not well. I need help. I can finally admit that to myself without feeling ashamed or scared. Which leads me to the second step of getting better; seeking help. Last night I […]